More Assorted Work

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A poster on social innovation: the final illustration was a visual summary of 2 months of research on how elderly people can use technology to make use of their “old school” skills to benefit all of society.
In collaboration with Allan Maltais and Eduardo Mujica.infographiccommunication designdesigndesign for the elderly
Mockup for a series of casual footwear with a sporty touch for national handball teams in northern Europe. The design features a felt upper with a rubber sole in various colourways representing the famous Nordic cross design.

Preliminary sketch:

Download the full collection!shoe designshoescandinaviadesignindustrial designproduct sketchingdesign sketchingsketching
Carleton University’s 33rd Industrial Design Grad Exhibition Website
January-April 2010

Sample Scenarios:

Download scenarios (760kb)

Special thanks to team members Anthony Dewar, Henri Kuschkowitz, Eduardo Mujica, David Thompson and Allan Yong, as well as the subject of my second scenario, Will Lau.
Carleton University's 33rd Industrial Design Grad Exhibition Website
Osmosis: Houseplant Watering System
March 2010

"How can home gardening be made simpler for busy people?"

Unlike similar products, Osmosis can be refilled without replanting. The vessel follows Gardena’s current branding strategy wile appearing friendly and easy to use.

General AssemblyOsmosis: Houseplant Watering System
Peat & Pine Brand Development
February-March 2010, a collaboration with three other colleagues

Peat and Pine is a gallery-inspired boutique shop for yard and garden supplies, catering to high end “prosumer” customers who are willing to pay a premium for quality and expertise.

Brand Development

The final concept’s soacious gallery style layout and modular storage allow staff to easily change the layout of the store with each coming season. The proposed logo wall will be seen from the street and a custom hanging system on the blank side wall creates both a product display and personifies the brand itself.

In collaboration with Anthony Frank Keeler, Carmen Liu, Nat Overholtzer
Avaya Flare for iPad (More or Less Confidential)
June-December 2011

Flare Communicator is a voIP softphone for both audio and videoconferencing. It is targeted to businesspeople that set up conference calls using complicated protocols.
Behold, a common problem in business conference calls:

Flare makes things simpler for the end user by using familiar metaphors and illustrating relationships between contacts.
While not involved in designing the interface from the start, I aided in ideation of new product features that are yet to be released. During my internship at Avaya, I also assisted the ID/UX team in creating visual design elements and illustrating use case scenarios through storyboards and interactive demos, along with examining personas and usability concerns.
CIDSA Card Redesign
September 2010 for Carleton Industrial Design Students Assoc.

"How can we help university students feel like more than just a number?"

This graphic design project involved rethinking an ID card for members of a student group. The group has around 140-160 students a year, and is made up of a diverse group of students that nevertheless share a common interest in beautiful objects and a sense of pride in their school.

The cards were received rather well and the triangle motif present on the cards has inspired the current logo for the entire student association.
The Superb Suburb
July 2010

This summer project was born out of the frustration experienced while growing up as a teen in suburbia. During my high school years I felt no connection with my milieu, forever dreaming of the hustle and bustle of the city.

"How can suburban life earn street cred among teenagers?"

To make life outside the city seem more appealing to the youth, I created a series of bandanas that use the suburban landscape of three towns in the Greater Toronto Area. Suburban city planning was matched with urban streetwear in a way that while humorous, was also quite appropriate. Swirling paisley patterns with dotted ornaments were replaced with looping highway interchanges and hundreds of identical “dream homes”.

Municipal planning databases were used to create the designs, and the bandanas were then block-printed by hand and machine embroidered. An accompanying lookbook was created to promote the line.

Download the Superb Suburb Lookbook (598kb)
Cactus: Collapsible Boot Rack
November 2009

Fact: Pretty much every Canadian household has one of these ugly things:

While they do a great job drying off snow-soaked boots, they break quite easily and the market is dominated by the same unattractve polypropylene injection moulded rack that is sold at every Canadian Tire. I sought to reinvent the boot rack by enhancing its look and feel and creting new use cases.

The final product of this month long project was a collapsible boot rack made of maple and sheet metal. The three prongs of the boot rack reference cacti and the dryness of the desert. By using materials with more perceived durability and value, the product is elevated from a “throwaway” to a cerished addition to the home.

Efficient Packaging and Assembly: collapses into a 12”x10”x1.5” box for storage

Cactus also has functional capabilities beyond that of its plastic predecessor. Because of its design and the tensile strength of the materials used, Cactus can be set against both floor and wall vents. Weight applied on the racks do not bend or warp the steel because it is always perpendicular to the weakest surface of the steel grilles.

Foamcore & Tape Mockup
Functional & Appearance Models
Ongoing Study:
Linguistic and Cultural Divides in the Philippines
above: Provinces as expressed by their population
below: Provinces and their dominant spoken language

North, Central and Southern Philippines
The Philippines can be separated into three main regions: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. These three regions and the overall population distribution within the entire country are quite visible in the representation below.
No, I didn’t design this phone. But I can render it in Illustrator if you ask me to…
SEEN - Branding for Camera Manufacturer
October 2010

"How do we create a brand that speaks to Generation Y consumers?"

Experience design for product interfaces, mobile and web.

• Wireframes to final deliverables
• Prototyping and modelmaking
• User testing methods
• Trend research and future studies
• Service design methods
• Interdisciplinary teamwork
• Meticulous documentation
• Working proficiency: Português, Français, Español, Tagalog
Bag of tricks:

✔ Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
✔ Briefs
✔ Balsamiq/Axure
✔ Flash Catalyst
✔ Keynote
✔ AfterEffects
✔ Solidworks/Rhino
✔ Sketchup
✔ Keyshot 3